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Stealing Phoenix

Stealing Phoenix - Joss Stirling 3.5 starsI enjoyed the book, but I can't find much to say about it...I will however give you some points I felt important to mention:1. Phoenix and Yves fell in love real quickly, and I mean quickly as in... one day quickly. However, the way the behaved toward one another, and with each other, kind of convinced me of their love despite the fact I am a known hater of insta-love, so if you're like me you might also find you'll like it!Plus, they really are such a cute couple!!!2. Phoenix, as a main character, is kind of useless at times. She has a cool and useful ability, but all the big villains she meets can fight it and they make it meaningless. I was like, what's the point of giving her such a cool ability is she can only use it for short time periods and can't use it at all in times of crisis?Still, Phoenix is not a weak main character. Personality wise she's strong.3. If you enjoyed Finding Sky, the first in the series, you'll definitely love this book because you can see Sky and Zed here, after months of being a couple, and you can also see the rest of the Benedicts. They way they work together was awesome to read about and I loved it!4. The characters in this book suffer from mood swings. Honestly! One second they're happy, the next they're fighting, the third she's running away. What's with that?...