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The Beast in Him (Pride Stories Series #2)

The Beast in Him - Shelly Laurenston To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!I liked this a lot.One thing I didn't like was how Jess got mad that he treated her like a gentleman. I mean - he was a perfect sweetheart. I don't blame him for being confused one tiny bit... How does a male supposed to know he was doing wrong by not acting like a freaking animal and acting violently? I think he has valid reasons to be frustrated. She should've just told him and saved some drama.And what is it with those people and family abuse? I mean, they all have brother and sisters they'll love to rip apart!!! Also, I found some parts completely unrealistic - I mean, rich women in a party practically propositioning themselves out to the security? I don't care how hot they are - that sounds totally unreal...But all in all - I enjoyed this book very much, as evident by my finishing it in a day despite it being a school day.One last thing I didn't understand - why is this series called "Pride"? isn't pride like a Pack of lions? The first book talked about the lions, so it made sense, but this was all wolfxdog - no pride involved...