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The Mane Attraction (Pride Stories Series #3)

The Mane Attraction - Shelly Laurenston To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!Update: Mitchell is no longer my favorite hero of this series, Lock is. He's adorable, and Mitch acts like a prick in the next book.My favorite book of the series.I liked Mace, Shaw and Smitty (even though they were complete bastards sometimes) but I want me a Mitchell. He was just so darn sweet and adorable! And I've got to admit, I wasn't a big Sissy fan in the former books, but I really liked her as the hero of this.Truly an enjoyable read. I am falling hard for Shelly's writing style and this series. I just had to grin half the time. I also find it interesting that Shelly keeps having someone else finish the heroes job. I mean, they don't get to be all kick ass and destroy the villains themselves, but it's still a sweet victory. Also, I adored the fact we didn't have the whole denial thing about the fact they loved each other. It just feel into place and the "I love you"s came naturally once it did, without the whole "I'm running away from you know because I am an independent woman and commitment scares me" shit. Sorry for the language.