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Beast Behaving Badly (Pride Stories Series #5)

Beast Behaving Badly - Shelly Laurenston MINE REVIEWThe Pride series is a real fun series, especially when you want yummy alpha-males; literally. Everyone in these books are shifters, and they usually deal with mixing breeds or crossing the bridges of enemy families through love, so if that's a theme you love as much as I do, definitely check it out. It also deals with all kind of dysfunctional families; some filled with love, some with hatred, but dysfunctional nonetheless. I really enjoyed Bo and Blayne, though I admit it took me time to get into their story. I liked her and her craziness and deceptiveness and I liked him and his OCD (he's also a time-freak, which is like a neat-freak, only... with time). Quite frankly, I found Bo to be adorable, and I loved watching him slightly change due to Blayne and her influence.I felt like the romance was well done and they complimented each other's personality very well. They fit like a key to a lock; very different in terms of look, purposes and personalities on their own but only whole together. To read this review and more go to my blog Drugs Called Books