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Big Bad Beast (Pride Stories Series #6)

Big Bad Beast - Shelly Laurenston Big Bad Beast was a great addition to the Pride series.Ric is definitely one of the nicer and sweeter guys in the Pride series. In fact, I think he was the most normal and human from the lot. He wasn't a douche, he wasn't controlling, he wasn't a womanizer... there's actually nothing wrong with him. And yes, that sounds funny, but all the other guys had something that made them kind of crazy. Dee-Ann was a good character, and she took no-shit from no one, which I always appreciate in a character.Together, they had a great romance. First, I loved how Ric was the first to fall in love and want it all. I loved how they were obviously meant for each other, ever since they were kids. I loved how Ric knew her and didn't want her changed, didn't want her to stop what she was doing and make her a housewife; all he wanted was her in his house, so he could take care of her every-time she came back and feed her. I loved how he understood her, and how he'd always understood her. I loved how there wasn't any real angst in their relationship.All in all, a wonderful read. Side note: I really love how these books are all about your point of view. Someone who was adorable and charming when you saw thing through his mind in his own book suddenly gets a whole new look when you see him through someone else's mind. To read this review and more, go to my blog Drugs Called Books