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Alien Tango

Alien Tango - Gini Koch To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!First read: May 29-30, 2012Second read: June 1-2, 2013Alien Tango is an action packed, hilarious, romantic read. Who said Alien's can't be totally droll worthy?The Alien series (aka the Katherine 'Kitty' Katt series) is one of my favorite fun series to pass time with. This time, we join Kitty and the gang a few months after the event of Touched by an Alien. Kitty and Jeff are happily dating, the super-being threat is subsiding, and everything is going rather smoothly - if you ignore the fact Jeff's parents apparently doesn't like her, and that her own mother is still imploring her to "consider her other options".That is, until a spacecraft, mysteriously lands back on the exact same place it flew from. Cue in: action, life-threatening situations, schemes and crazies. Yep, Kitty's life are still as exciting as ever!Now, considering the detailed character descriptions I did for the first book's review, I will not be repeating that and instead I'm going to introduce to you guys the new characters we meet.First and foremost we've got ACE...To read the full review, go to my blog here!Old review:I loved this one a lot more than Touched by an Alien, mostly because I felt it was much more believable.Kitty still manages to both figure out and solve most of the crisis (which I still love because it is such a win for females all over the world, even though it was hard to relate to in the first book because she was just always right, and it seemed a bit too perfect) but she's been doing this for half a year now, so it was believable (even when I knew she was like that from the start, as unreal as it appeared to me). Also, she also showed some weakness, and plenty of emotions that lacked in the first book and had my heart clenching and my teeth biting my nails.I almost cried at one point of the story, with all that happened with Jeff. And again, I was happy no other man was actually an option for Kitty. Sure, she contemplated, but she was heartbroken and trying not to think about the death that is coming her way. It was never really an option, she knew she loved Jeff, and I loved that we didn't veer into a love-triangle. Truly and passionately hate those.So, I loved this part of the story. I loved Jeff so much, I wish Reader was straight so I could have him and all the supporting characters (other than the icky bad guys) were just freaking awesome. I can't wait to see them marry, and again I loved how this book openly mentions the holocaust and the Jews and is against that. There was a lot more I loved, but I'm wiped out from reading till midnight, so I'll stop here. I may or may not be back to edit this later.