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The Beginning (Dark-Hunter, #0.5)

The Beginning  (Dark-Hunter, #0.5) - Sherrilyn Kenyon To read more reviews and fun things go to my blog; Drugs Called Books!Hmm… It was interesting to read about Acheron. I like his character, and this was a nice prequel to the series, showing a bit about how Acheron became the leader of the Dark Hunters. It was nice to read of Simi, too, though I found it odd I've never read of her before. But there was nothing surprising in this short story. Even the ending was far too predictable, and nothing really happened. Three lines I really likes:1.He wished he’d been given a pet parrot for his twenty-first birthday. The Charonte demon was going to be the death of him…again.2. Damn her. He would have to go to her temple again.Personally, he would rather be disemboweled.3.The demon grimaced. “The Simi don’t like Artemis, akri. I wish you’d let the Simi kill that goddess. The Simi want to pull out her long, red hair.”He knew the feeling.