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The Perfect Play (Play-by-Play Series #1)

The Perfect Play - Jaci Burton

This book was difficult to rate. I read it and enjoyed it, but I also had a lot of complaints.First, it was a hot read. I don't think anyone can disagree about that. BUT. It was a little... too much, you know what I mean? Every time they met, it was more touching than talking. It's like most of the story was about the sex, and frankly, there wasn't much story.Girl meets famous boy - boy meets girl.Girl is afraid to share her secrets and commit - boy is afraid of the same.Girl shares - boy shares.Everything is solved but we have more pages to fill so we add all kind of issues of the boy's manager trying to separate them, but boy makes sure she understand he had nothing to do with it and he loves her. Girl being afraid and refusing the guy even though she loves him.They get back together.THE END.That pretty much describes the plot of this entire book. Take down all the sex scenes and you have about, what, 150 pages of actual story?...I also really disliked Tara's way of thinking. She has a gorgeous lover who is simply the best and planes the most awesome dates for her and thinks of her of the world, and she refuses to accept love because she is independent and doesn't need a man in her and her son's life? Really? More so, they've been dating for months and yet the both of them talk as if they doesn't do relationship (then this is all just sex, right?) and believe it's going to break off, but they chase one another all the time. What is it with that?Also, one moment Tara is set upon leaving, the next (literally) she gets into Mick's car and has sex with him. Freaking make up your mind. Another thing that bothered me was the Football scenes, but only because I don't understand any of the terms and so I was left with understanding Mick and Nathan were running with a ball....Anyway, good writing but I felt the plot lacked big time and wasn't really all that interesting. Half way through I wondered what was going to keep the plot moving, and when I realized it's the whole 'I'm afraid of love' shit I got angry. Will read the next one regardless.