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Review: Pivot Point by Kasie West

Pivot Point - Kasie West

There is only one thing I can say about this book right now. 

Mind blown! 


Wow. wow, wow, wow. This book just blew me away! Holy crap! I need to wait for 2014 to read book 2!? To find the conclusion to this fantastic story?! To see Trevor and Addie together again!? Are you kidding me? What is this cruelty?

Okay. Okay, give me a sec to get a hold of myself. *takes a deep breath*



Clearly, you can tell Pivot Point was one hell of a read. It's one of these books I couldn't help but talk about to the entire universe.

It tells the story of Addie, a teenage girl living in a community of people with "Mind Powers" (Telekinesis, Telepathy, Memory Erasing, Lie Detectors, etc...) who is faced with two choices, and two possible realities. The synopsis is actually pretty darn good, so I'm not going to recap the plot again. 

The story is told in a dual pov style, only instead of having two people tell the story, we get two realities. It was incredibly well done, and though I initially feared it will be confusing, I soon discovered I had nothing to worry about. It was fantastic seeing the two realities come together from time to time, and to understand certain things from one reality just because of the other.


“One person can't change the future. Do you know how many people and things are involved in every major event that happens? Sure, you might be able to change some of the minor aspects of a day, but ultimately things that are going to happen, if you go along a certain path, do happen.”

Addie, the main character, is one of the more likable heroines I've ever read of. She's honest, quirky, loves books, holds a pretty remarkable sense of justice, funny, smart... the list goes on and on. loved being inside her head. She's not a Mary Sue, though, so don't worry. She makes mistakes, and she could be occasionally annoying, and she has her bad traits, like labeling people before she really knows them. 

“Your eyelashes make mine want to commit suicide from shame."

Next to Addie we've got her best friend, Leila. Leila is a good best friend most of the time, though she did some pretty darn stupid things in the story. She's reckless, outgoing, outspoken, pretty, social, etc... and she's going to be a huge part of book 2, as we'll be getting her POV as well! 

The romance of the story is a complicated one. First, let me reassure you; it's not a love triangle. In no point did Addie love two people at the same time.

But in one reality, Duke, the hot, charming quarterback is courting her. He's not her usual type, but persistence pays off and she starts falling for him.

"if you need something to hold on to until you feel grounded, I make a pretty good anchor.”

In the second, she meets Trevor. Series, quiet, clever, and talented, things quickly bloom into love between these two soul mates, and he is by far one of the sweetest, most awesome guys ever.I can not stop swooning over him. He understood Addie so well and knew just the right thing to say when she needed it. He didn't put unnecessary drama in their relationship, and instead of thinking the worst of her and misunderstanding, he went straight to her for answers when difficulties raised. He got his answers, and was okay with them. He supported her and calmed her down, and in turn she saw him and gave him something he desperately needed.



Clearly, I am Team Trevor all-the freakin'-way. Through the entire read, I could not think it was possible for Addie to choose someone other than Trevor. Their love was real, you know?

But here lies the genius of this book, and of Kasie West. Because sometimes, it's not a matter of choosing between bad or good, love or hate, etc. Sometimes, it's about choosing the lesser of two evils. Addie simply didn't have a real choice in the matter. But hopefully, that will be rectified in book 2.

Though I am worried, because the 6 weeks Addie spent with Trevor never happened. How different will his life be when she enters them again/for the first time? I just hope he isn't back with his ex :/

Final verdict on the book:

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